Traleor: A Case Study Leveraging Django and Wagtail

Oct. 26, 2023

With the rapid evolution of technology and the constant need to stay connected, creating an online presence for businesses has become crucial. The journey of Traleor, from a class project to a versatile website builder and Content Management System (CMS), highlights the remarkable power of Django and Wagtail in building robust web applications.

Traleor was initially a solution to empower local businesses struggling to establish themselves online. It started as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to help businesses create and host their online stores (catalogues) effortlessly.

But, as time passed, Traleor evolved into something bigger, transforming into a no-code website builder and Content Management System powered by .

Amidst this growth and evolution, there was one constant that remained unaltered—our reliance on Django. But there was another key player that significantly contributed to Traleor's evolution - Wagtail, a powerful Python-based CMS.

Why did we choose Django for building Traleor?

1. Scalability

Django's robust architecture allows it to handle the growth of a web application gracefully.

As Traleor expanded, it was vital to ensure that the platform could support a multitude of users and businesses.

With Django's scalability, we seamlessly transitioned to a multi-tenant platform. This adaptability is enabling us to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, no matter their size or complexity.

2. Security

Security is paramount when dealing with businesses and sensitive user data. Django's built-in security features provide a solid foundation for safeguarding the platform against common web vulnerabilities. Its security measures together with other efforts from the team keeps Traleor and its users safe.

3. Rapid Development

Django's "batteries-included" philosophy ensures that developers have access to a wealth of libraries and tools. This comprehensive ecosystem significantly sped up the development process for Traleor. We could focus on building unique features and functionality, rather than reinventing the wheel.


Traleor's journey, from a class project to a full-fledged website builder and CMS, demonstrates the incredible potential of Django. Its scalability, security, and rapid development capabilities were pivotal in the growth and success of our platform. Choosing Django as our foundation allowed us to navigate the challenges of building a large multi-tenant web application effectively.

As Traleor continues to evolve and adapt, we remain steadfast in our belief that Django is the ideal companion for the journey.

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